Thursday, November 24, 2005

Families we choose; families we create

Today I'm thankful for families. Not necessarily the ones we are born into (although there is reason to be thankful for those), but the families that we choose and create. Sometimes those are the best families of all.

I was moved reading this beautiful post by Aaron at Aanthems, about his partner, Keith, and their newly adopted son, Jeremiah. He writes:
There’s nothing revolutionary about love, or family. Even gay families. Yet there are so few of us, and so many who would stop or dismantle us, that our family is a marvel, a tribute to love’s persistence. To love’s permanence. To tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the link to Aaron's post - I felt myself going to my metaphorical champagne flute to drink a toast and raise a cheer.

    Congrats to them! What a lovely post :)


  2. Christine, thank you for the nice words. And keep speaking your truth, our truths.

  3. heya christine, thanks for your comment. Would be nice if we could chat further about the issue, obviously if you don't mind.
    if ya have msn ya can add me:

    Take Care

    Kyle xx

  4. Hi, I'm a new reader, just wanted to say hi, great blog, go you for saying goodbye to the whole ex-gay thing.

    I'm neither gay nor ex-gay but I blog about it like I know what I'm talking about. *lol*

    I'll be reading you, you're on my list.

  5. Christine, so glad you we are in the same world and the same growing family.