Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A very white Christmas

Realized I should blog a couple of pics from the great blizzard of ought six in Colorado. Where I lived we got two feet in less than 24 hours, the 7th biggest blizzard in Colorado.

This is from my upstairs window...I kept watching my truck getting more buried by the hour.

Snow accumulating in the backyard. I can't get out this way because the gate opens out and has tons of snow on the other side.

The blizzard started on Wednesday. This is me on Thursday afternoon trying to figure out how to get out of the house to shovel. I think my hat was falling off - I am not sure my head is that tall and pointy. Fortunately, I've never replaced the screen in the front screen door.

Not everyone in Denver was so lucky as to have their very own SUV island on their street. There were abandoned cars all over the city, and many on my street. This one was abandoned right in the middle of the road, and the owners didn't come get it (or maybe the city moved it) until Saturday night. So the plows just went around it and so did all the drivers.

The backyard today.


  1. i travel from the other side of the world for a white christmas and get to make mud angels at best....whats with all the freakin snow this christmas.Bah humbug!!!!!!!!!well anyways want you to know i am around and reading this.seems life was a better option at the time.....so u may see me again soon.......beware!!!
    talk soon mate

  2. YIKES! That is amazing! You look so cute in the snow!

  3. That lower pic looks like cotton with all the snow.

    Happy New Year! - from the (unseasonably mild and windy) UK.

  4. It's good you took the pictures and shared them. Two years ago this week, we got a terrible ice storm. My photos showed what was otherwise hard to imagine. Plus snow always looks so pretty before it gets messy. Nice job putting them up for all of us. :)