Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Memphis

Our weekend of Action and Art in Memphis is almost over and it's been an amazing success.

Today we had, among other events, the Mid-South Regional Gathering for Ex-Gay Survivors and Allies. At the conference in Irvine, I was so busy doing the behind-the-scenes work I didn't really have the ability to participate in the conference. This afternoon, though, I was able to take part in the activities and workshop we'd planned. I really needed it. I've been heavily processing a lot of stuff the last 6 months or so and it really helped to get together with a group of folks who know exactly what I'm talking about, and just really "get" me. It also felt good to be able to communicate with my art.

We did another chalk talk. We'll post photos of it soon. It moved me deeply and I participated by writing a lot of thoughts on the paper wall, and then crying and processing during the debriefing. I really appreciate everyone else's comments and input, as well as the understanding nods as we all talked about our experiences. It is so wonderful not to feel alone with all of this.

I also enjoyed the workshop about practical ideas for recovery. It was good to see just how much work I've done, and also to get ideas from others for healthy ways to recover. I'll be working with Peterson in the next couple of days to get that up on BXG.

Thanks to everyone who attended today's gathering. It was very special for me. Thanks to everyone who helped support us (and who continue to support us) over this weekend. This work is not easy, and it's been a hard weekend for me, as I strive to be real with what's going on with me, protect myself in some cases (know my limits), and yet try to maintain committed to the responsibilities I have on the organizational side of things (limited as they are; thanks Peterson).

It's so good to know that even though we are just fragile human beings with fragile psyches and hearts, together we can heal, and perhaps together is where the true healing begins.


  1. Hey Christine! You've been in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I'm glad to hear it's going well. I just ran onto this...

    I don't know how to do a link in a comment so if you can't get to that let me know...anyway...I think it looks like something that could be cool to do for a future BXG conference.

  2. Grace, thank you - I have really enjoyed walking the labyrinth in the past. It is a wonderful spiritual thing for me. We have one in Denver that is open one day a month, and I have heard there is one here in Memphis that I am going to see if I can do today as I think it is open on Sundays. You've reminded me to check. Anyway, I think this is what you had in mind?


    (p.s. so good to "see" you - hugs)

  3. Hello Christine-

    Its so nice to see your smile again and remember the encouraging talks we enjoyed at the Conference in Orlando a few year ago.

    I'm praying the Lord will bless you and your efforts to encourage others wounded by the Ex-Gay agenda.

    You're a blessing!

    Rick Brentlinger

  4. Rick, thank you so much.

    Yes, I enjoyed our talks in Florida - it was so great to meet you and see how our differences just fell to the side when we met in person and exchanged hugs.

    Thank you for your support. You're a blessing to me too. Thank you for your work educating folks on what the Bible says and doesn't say...

    Hugs to you and hopefully they will be in person again soon.