Monday, June 05, 2006

and Things (3 of 3 photo posts)

This is a watercolor my 17-year-old cousin, Katie, painted. She's amazingly talented.

I cheated on Max and Sophie while I was away. This is Monkeepuss. I missed my babies and he helped my feline-cravings.

The front porch in Tennessee.

My birthday cake(s). Note the purses. ;) I was sick for the last half of my birthday, so these had to wait for the next day.

I was thrilled to spot this billboard right before I left Nashville. Jamie (from Soulforce) had told me they'd be going up over the weekend.


  1. Those are wonderful photos of happy people and happy places. Sorry you were ill, glad you are better.

  2. I really enjoyed the photos, Christine, and I sent a link to the Soulforce staff so they could see the photo you took of the billboard. Nice job!

    And I laughed when I saw you used the word, "kin".

  3. Not only a sign on the roadside, but a sign of confirmation for your 'rising up' journey.

  4. Hey Jamie :)

    Of course, I should explain that when I was telling Jamie about all the convoluted first-cousin and first-cousin-once-removed, and second-cousins and all that stuff, he looked at me and said, "Well, out here I guess we just call it 'kin'!" ;)