Monday, June 05, 2006

People (1 of 3 photo posts)

Here are some of the people I spent time with on my birthday tour (I'll probably write more about it later, but I'm so wiped out now - y'all done wore me plumb out!):

Jeff and Roy from GCN.

My cousin Anne in Kentucky.

Anne's husband, Stu.

Anne and Stu's kids (my first cousins once-removed--or in Kentucky, I guess I should just say "kin"), Katie, Maddie and Jake.

Jamie McDaniel, Soulforce staffer and friend from GCN.

Alicia flossing her teeth in Nashville, outside Exit/In on Church Street. Oral hygiene is important.

Alicia again. She and her partner, Val, drove in all the way from South Carolina to celebrate my birthday with me.

Val and Heather. Heather and her partner, Angie, graciously opened their home to us.

Angie and Heather, our fabulous hosts in Tennessee.


  1. Wow! Happy Birthday girl! Seems like you had a fabu time! I wish I would have known and could have been there too. Wishing you the best, even if I'm late! :)

    ~Bill in Tampa

  2. Thanks, Bill! Someday we will meet...someday.