Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Belated Thanksgiving post

I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving day hanging out with my kitties, Max and Sophie. They had a very fine feast:

I had an interesting meal, although mine wasn't in the nifty shape of a fish. I'd gone shopping for food the night before and just picked up random things I was craving (but very rarely eat). I fashioned a Thanksgiving meal out of the following: bacon, sliced deli turkey, cream cheese, feta cheese and flour tortillas. It didn't really occur to me until Thanksgiving day that these weren't things that necessarily went together. Still, it was yummy. You can't go wrong with bacon or feta, can you?

OK, here's the sentimental "thanksgiving" part of my post...I'm so thankful for my family (furry and regular)...


  1. ah, so you are into furries too :-)

    Great pics. Give Max and Sophie a big snuggle from me.

  2. Ha, I know! I wrote that before I even saw your recent post. I will give the wee ones a snuggle for you, of course. It'll be hard, but I'll do it, just because it was you who asked...

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! Cute kitties too :) Where were the exotic animal pics taken, park safari? I love the last pic, here's to being crazy cat people!!! :-p

  4. The pics were taken at a wildlife place in Texas, near where my sis and her family live. It's the kind you can drive through and feed the animals and they come right up to your vehicle. I actually had a zebra chewing on the rubber thing that the window rolls down into...and was trying to figure out how I would explain that to the rental car company.

    The kids loved it though and had tons of fun (my sister and I did too, except for when we were trying to flee the overfriendly, chewing zebra and drooling giraffe herds).

    And yes, the crazy cat thing is the only way that I resemble a lesbian. Otherwise, I'm totally stealth! (er, not on purpose though.)