Sunday, November 19, 2006

Recent Travels Part 1 of 3: New York

This is my friend Jed. He hosted me the entire time is was in New York. He says he lives very near NYC, but let me tell you, there is "Jed time" and there is regular time. Jed actually lives in NJ, about 2 hours out of the City, if there's not much traffic. I got to commute in with him on several days and do some touristy stuff. I also got very sick at his house one day and found out that he was an even better friend than I could have ever imagined. We'll just leave it at that.

There's one thing that not many people know about Jed and me though. Shockingly enough, we actually have slept together. It was a one-night stand kind of thing. And at a Gay Christian conference no less!!

OK, the real truth is we just shared a bed for one night. Both of us felt safe, though...pretty sure there was not much going to happen between us.

I flew in on a Saturday night and he whisked me on a night tour of NYC, and then over to a friend's house for a dinner party. The "gay lifestyle" just exhausts me. The next day he took me on an a gorgeous (although very uphill) hike with eight dogs. He breeds and grooms poodles. (Can you get any more gay than that?)

This is how cooking with eight dogs works.

Here's another of Jed cooking. I brought out nearly all the ingredients for two Indian dishes, and we'd been working on them together when I burnt my two fingers. I think he was also singing, which is why I was looking at him funny. Well, to be truthful, I look at a lot of people funny. Because of the fingers, I walked around the rest of the night making the peace sign.

I am really grateful for Jed's friendship and hospitality!

(My pictures of the Connecticut part of my trip are in the previous post below this.)


  1. I LOVE the look on your face in the kitchen!

  2. Ha, yeah. Well he is quite a character and a lot of fun. I didn't get to see any broadway shows while I was in NYC, but Jed is a whole show I didn't miss out. ;)

  3. Christine,
    I guess he could be a bit more gay if he taught doggie aerobics to the poodles and their the tunes of broadway shows. *hehe!*

    So GOOD to read your posts again!!!

    love ya! come back soon...i'm in much better form now!

  4. Great to read your update and see all the pictures. Looks like you had fun.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.