Sunday, July 22, 2007

The cat/dog kinsey scale

On my previous post, Kellie commented
I hear you sister! Do you identify as a cat lover? I myself am bi-animal- 2 cats, 4 dogs. You have some beautiful babies!
My response:
Yes, I do identify as a cat lover, although I've not always been able to admit it so readily in such a public forum.

On a dog-cat Kinsey scale (O=cat and 6=dog), I am probably a 2 (the reverse of you). Now, it should be noted that I had a very horrible experience with a dog as a young child, and so in this instance it may have been nurture over nature.

However, since identifying as being a cat vs. dog lover in this society is seen as morally neutral, I've not had therapy for this or spent a lot of time trying to change. I just have my kitties and we're a family. The dog owners of this country have so far not felt threatened in their dog ownership just because I have two cats.

Thankfully there have also been no legislative attempts thus far to deny me cat ownership just because it's possible I could change with enough prayer, faith, and therapy.


  1. ha ha ... cats rule!

    your babies look a lot like mine ... one black, one gray tabby. only my black one doesn't have white socks like yours (but the tabby does).

    very cute :)

  2. Love makes a family, Christine... ;)

  3. I am sorry that you had a bad dog experience at such a tender formative age. Many others have been where you are and have gone on to live dog productive lives.*DISCLAIMER* Loving cats may always be predominant.(See we can learn from each other). I encourage you for your sake as well as your chilren's(kitties) to pursue some type of therapy. Great strides are being made in desensitization therapy such as puppy cuddling. As long as you show a willingness to change I will be there for you.

  4. My computer doesn't seem to want me to leave you messages. I'll try again. I started a blogg after the ex-gay survivor conference. It's at jpsjots. check it out sometime. I love you Cat/Dog scale. I'm a cat lover with a dark, dog past...I'm off to the ECWR conference on Wed. Wish you were going. Peggy Campolo and JAck Rogers will be there. Take care, JP

  5. Hah!

    I'm a strong 6 with no cat-loving tendencies, but I try to not to hate cat-lovers - my best friend is one. ;)

  6. LOL! Maybe it was because I was too close to my mom's cat growing-up or that I had a violent experience with a dog, but I confess that I'm a cat person.

    I recently helped dog-sit (i.e. ex-cat therapy) in an effort to realize dog is man's best friend. However, after two weeks of dog-sitting therapy, I've returned to the cat lifestyle. I'm now an ex-excat lover. :)

  7. *giggles* One day I'll show you my brochure for S-FLAG--Servants of Feline Lesbians and Gays. (I have a bi cat.)

    I had a poodle take a chunk out of my ankle as a kid, so I sympathize. I'm scared of small dogs but not big ones, which makes people laugh.

    I'm a 1, because I can sometimes fall for a cute puppy, especially a large breed puppy with those oversized paws that it'll have to grow into. But I know it wouldn't be in either of our best interests to take it home. L'Ailee and I have 8 cats together! (I don't blog about the cats because I talk about them at work as a suitably non-controversial topic. I like to save the controversy for my blog.)

    It's nice for me to be actually on one side or the other, and not in the squishy middle, on at least one thing! :-)

  8. I used to be a strict Dog Person, due to my fundamentally canine-centered upbringing (did you know there are no cats in the Bible?) but I was led astray by liberal cat-owner friends in high school and college.

    I now consider myself "pan-animal" after deciding that the strict dog-cat pet binary was too restrictive and needed to be expanded to include lovers and owners of birds, reptiles, rodents, insects, and even those with minority pets such as hedgehogs or ferrets.

  9. Liadan,
    you are hilarious! Christine!! Where are you???
    love ya much,