Saturday, July 21, 2007

On a lighter note

I'm taking a break from all things ex- or ex-ex-gay today!
(oh, and I finally found my card reader so I could upload pics from my camera).

This is my Sophie girl who decided that the walk upstairs to the water bowl was apparently just too much to ask of her. (And once she did this, it became her water; mine no longer. Just in case you were wondering. I love my babies, but not that much!)

Here's what happens when you leave bird seed sitting outside. This industrious squirrel managed to make a large hole in order to climb in and eat. It was like TV for the cats...I don't think they left the window for hours.

It really is such hard work keeping up with the squirrel population.

This was a bit of my flower garden in early spring. Our heavy snowfall and wet spring gave me the most gorgeous columbines I've had since I planted these native flowers.

These pictures have been brought to you by the committee for a fair and balanced life.


  1. A beautiful life.

  2. I enjoyed the photos. I decided just tonight driving home to give me head and heart a break from the ex-ex gay "stuff." Take care, JP

  3. I hear you sister! Do you identify as a cat lover? I myself am bi-animal- 2 cats, 4 dogs. You have some beautiful babies!

  4. Thanks all. :)

    Judi, yes, I do think we need to try to carve out spaces in our lives where we don't think about all these heavy and emotional issues all the time. Good for you!


    Yes, I do identify as a cat lover, although I'm not sure if I "present" as such. :)

    On a dog-cat Kinsey scale (O=cat and 6=dog), I am probably a 2 (the reverse of you). Now, it should be noted that I had a very horrible experience with a dog as a young child, and so in this instance it may have been nurture over nature.

    However, since identifying as being a cat vs. dog lover in this society is seen as morally neutral, I've not had therapy for this or spent a lot of time trying to change. I just have my kitties and we're a family.

    Thankfully there have been no attempts thus far to deny me cat ownership just because it's possible I could change with enough prayer, faith, and therapy.

  5. LOL :) Thanks for the thoughts! Your postings make me want to be a better blogger.

  6. My Lily drinks out of glasses, too! We have to be especially careful with straws!

    *pets Sophie...oh, and Christine, too* ;-)