Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The nephew photos

What you've all been anxiously waiting for. OK, maybe not. But humor me, will ya? These kids are two of the best things in my life!

Look Ma! Auntie brought us puppets that quack and bark!

This is especially fun when E has toys in his hands and he bangs on my head like a drum.

J. gets an early lesson in the joys of texting.

J. is not feeling so hot but at least he gets some cuddles.

Aunt Christine (aka cwistine) ran to the store for some popsicles and copious amounts of child-drugs and saved the night.

I'm gonna be walking in no time--watch out!

That's all folks. Thanks for indulging this very proud aunt.


  1. Argh....tooooo cute. Brooodyness has struck...


  2. Hi CA :)

    What is "brooodyness"?

    Are you trying to pull some of that wacky across-the-bond verbage on me? Or is this something I'm just unaware of?

    Help...I hate being clueless. :)

  3. Broody: when a woman (or man) sees a cute baby or young child and feels a stirring for one of one's own. ( Disposed to sit on eggs to hatch them--according to Free Online Dictionary)

    Once on the Northern border of Zambia I visited a chimpanzee orphanage run by Jane Goodall. We fed infant chimps with bottles of warm milk. The caretaker, a rough and tumble British woman, warned us, "Don't hold them too long or you will get broody."

    They are adorable, but they cost a lot don't they.

  4. Ahhh....OK. Thanks, Peterson.

    They do indeed cost a lot, but folks who have them generally think they're worth every penny.

    I don't know that I personally get "broody" when I'm with them. I usually am just really thankful that my sis and bro-in-law let me share in their lives. What a gift!

    I think I am a gift to them, too. Someone who can spend time and money on them without worrying about shortchanging my own kids. I think that's important for kids to have...someone who really just cares about them and thinks the sun rises and sets in their backyard (well, hey, they're in Texas...it probably does).

  5. Awwwww, your nephews are so cuute!

    Oh, and Angelina Jolie called. She wants her eyebrows back. ;)

  6. Okay, just to clarify, that was meant as a compliment! As I sat looking at these pictures, the expression on your face made me think, 'now where have I seen eyebrows like that before?' It took me a while to pinpoint what it was about your looks that made me think 'Angelina Jolie,' but I think it's definitely the eyebrows. (hard to tell, since we never get a full-on frontal shot of your face, but there ya go). :) They're very nice eyebrows; you have a lovely arch to them, and they make your face look strong and seductive at the same time.

  7. haha. Awesome. Well...I'll give her back her eyebrows if she'll give me the rest of her body in exchange for mine. How's that? ;)

    Compliment taken. Thanks...and I'll try not to ever post a full face frontal shot so that you won't be disappointed...

  8. I can kinda see the Angelina resemblance...

  9. Do people not say broody on the other side of the pond?

    Sorry Christina - I'm not online as much as usual these days, so I only just saw your reply. Glad Peterson was able to interpret :)


  10. Gorgeous littl'uns! I was always the proud aunt myself, why shouldn't people want to see photos of nieces and nephews?!!

    After I had my own, though, I tend to take their photographs around..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, again! I saw there was someone from Denver stopping by, thought it was old friends of my parents (also half Norwegian), but they wouldn't know the address. Anyway, I'm glad it was you :)

    Your comments on "coming out" and "going back in" made me think of a bluddy, a blogling. You can read about his thoughts here. I'm hoping he'll come out soon and stay there...

  11. CA - they may very well say it here, I just haven't heard it! :) But there's lots of common expressions I'm not terribly familiar with...so go figure.

    Scholiast, so glad you dropped by! I think I have seen his blog (since there are a few links on his that are people I regularly read), and in fact, that may be how I find your blog, now that I think of it.

    It is hard watching people go back and forth and try to figure this stuff out. I know it's so hard just going through it, but helplessly watching is sometimes hard. On the other hand, the thing that's been the most important to me is just having supportive people, no matter where I ended up.

    Thanks for the comments!