Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Peterson goes hetero?

Well, no, not really. But he did go to the Mr. Hetero Contest this last weekend.

See Mr. Hetero Part One (where he talks about the fear behind the frivolity) and Mr. Hetero Part Two (where he explains how dangerous this event really is).


  1. Doesn't seem all that good for the guys, either, or the young men and boys in the audience and congregation. :-(

    Though I have to say, there have been occasions when I've longed to use duct tape on homophobic men, so part of me thinks, "Let them 'shave' with duct tape and fly the idiot flag and showcase what insecure jerks they are."

  2. Dear all...I am deeply concerned by the fact that mrhetero.com sells pink wrist bands, I'm not sure if they realize just how gay that might actually be...very damaging to the masculinity of this nation! Furthermore, I was wondering if anyone let these people know how much drag queens like duct tape? Do we really want our strong men using things that those queens love?

    Hey miss thing...lovin the site, keep it up!!!