Sunday, February 12, 2006

This is love?

Truth? Love? Are these casualties in the culture wars?

Alan's done it again. Yup, I'm talking about Alan Chambers, the head of Exodus, the ministry that says "Change is Possible" and professes to love gays and lesbians. Alan recently spoke at a Conservative Political Action Conference, and this is what he had to say (according to
A 1:30 p.m. session on "Marriage in the States," which was supposed to include Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, featured instead a self-described former homosexual named Alan Chambers. He said sodomy was like fast food: "It will kill you." He was an expert because he had lived through the torment of gay lust, enduring "a never ending cycle of cravings and nourishment ... an endless treadmill of faceless encounters, broken hearts and unmet dreams." His research on the gay lifestyle had also taught him that gay people do not really want gay marriage (it was the liberal media) and that "lifelong homosexual relationships are not possible."

If this is love, I'd hate to see what happens if things turn sour.

There are two great letters that have been posted at exgaywatch confronting Alan about what he's said about lifelong homosexual relationships not being possible. I hope there will be more.

If you are in contact with any ex-gay organizations or those who minister to ex-gays, please consider writing them and asking their opinion on these types of lies. As I wrote in one e-mail I sent, 'It hurts me terribly to read things like this. I honestly don't know how to feel or think about this, nor how to feel about [your ministry] being tied to such an organization. These kinds of lies from Alan need to stop. If Exodus' position is right, why does it need to be supported by lies? Why must they continue to wage a war against the very people they say they are trying to "help and support?"'

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  1. I used to speak with Alan at Bridges Across the Divide all the time, and give his marriage great respect.

    If he can't even acknowledge that some of us do have lifetime or years-long relationships, after that, after just looking around, how out of touch or committed to the untruth is he?!?!

    And by the way, happy Valentine's Day. :-)

  2. Thanks, girl!

    I agree about Alan. That was one of the points I made on XGW - it's not like Alan doesn't know gays in committed relationships. He at least ought to know about Jim and Steve (S)'s relationship just from being on B-A, not to mention others. I don't know anymore if it's an issue of being out of touch, but of political expediency and using lies to accomplish his goals. But then, maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age.

    That is one of the reasons really that I love reading your read about a normal, ordinary, healthy relationship between two women. So cool. :)

  3. Healthy now, but normal and ordinary? Ha! :-)

    I think Alan's just plain lying his face off, myself.

  4. The guy was/is an emotionally damaged sex addict. It's sad that he chooses to project his experience as if it were the truth for all gay and lesbian relationships, and sadder still that pawns like him continue to stoke the homophobia of the Church. God bless his soul.