Friday, March 17, 2006

Cheese-worthy founding fathers...and other random bits.

I've been informed that I'm overdue for a blog update. Well, yeah. My life has definitely gotten in the way of my blogging lately.

Anyway, to tide you over, here's some of the stuff I've been reading lately (most of it has nothing to do with ex-gay anything):

I've been reading some posts and comments about the FX show Black. White. on Reappropriate's blog. She's written her take on part 1 and on part 2, so far. I don't have cable so haven't even seen the show in question, just saw some of the bits on the FX site. I just found the blog and comments very thought-provoking.

This is a long, but great, read about our founding fathers, a big ol' piece of cheese, the separation of church and state, and evangelicals. Who knew? To find out what made Thomas Jefferson so cheese-worthy, check out this article on Jefferson, Madison & Their Evangelical Pals--Religious freedom resulted from an unlikely alliance: evangelicals and skeptics.

I've also done a bit of reading lately on glossolalia (that's "speaking in tongues" for the rest of us). I found this interesting bit of history. Turns out that when people first started speaking in tongues during the pentecostal revival (Azusa street, 1906), they thought that they would be able to go to foreign countries, speak in tongues, and they would be speaking in the language of that country (!) - yeah, I'm not making this up. Check this out:
A. G. Garr, the first missionary to leave Azusa, went to India fully expecting to preach in Hindustani. After a few months, he admitted his failure on this point, but nonetheless remained to carry on a successful ministry for several years, preaching to these British subjects in English.
Well, I guess you have to give him credit for not giving up.

Oh, and because a few other bloggers have been doing it, I thought I'd also create a quiz about me. So, just how well do you think you know me? You think I've told you everything, huh? Well, go take the quiz and find out all that I've withheld (you can totally enter a fake e-mail address, by the way - it just seems to need something with an "@" in it).

Consider yourself updated. I guess.


  1. I dont' like your quiz. It isn't FAIR! Why didn't you put more stuff on there that I would know!

    Maybe I should write your quiz....

    For instance, "Which of my nick names has something to do with a flower (or is it a vegetable)?"

    Or, "How many mothers do I have?"

    Oh, well, I'll just go throught the day feeling stupid.

  2. She's back! cool. wow, you are an ecclectic kind of gal. That's one of the many things I like about you.

    The cool thing about A.G. Garr is that "he admitted his faiure on this point." Gee, that doesn't happen everyday with people and their religious convictions. How refreshing.

    Cool stuff. I'm fixin' ta do the quiz in a moment.

  3. Hey Anon, you are right - especially when I saw some of your answers. You deserved to get at least the poetry one right, for sure! Sorry 'bout that. Regarding the nickname...if I'd have done that question, you were the only one who would have gotten it right, considering that you're the only one who calls me sweetpea. :) But I like it. You can keep calling me that.

    Peterson, yeah, I'm eclectic to be sure, huh. And this was my short list of stuff I've been reading online. The long list is even more eclectic. I agree with you about A.G. Garr. What a novelty. :) Good to 'see' you.