Thursday, March 23, 2006

A new look and name

I can't sleep, so I'm fiddling around with my blog template instead. Feedback, anyone? Suggestions...criticisms...whatever.

Oh, and I also changed from "Rising Up from the Ashes" to "Rising Up Whole." (No, that's not Rising Up Whore. Get your eyes checked!) ;)

I think one of the most damaging things about my time as an ex-gay was internalizing the concept that I was broken. That my sexuality was broken, my way of relating to other people was broken--that I was just...not whole. That there was something really wrong with me that needed fixing, and that everyone else who was straight was "whole" while I was inherently broken.

Well, guess what? I am whole, and I'm increasingly finding that I'm more whole than I've ever been. I'm still learning and growing and finding out every day who I am, but I'm rejecting the "broken" label. I am rising up...from the ashes of my time as an ex-gay...into wholeness, freedom and life.


  1. It looks amazing! I like, I like and it reflects the growth and clarity and wholeness and newness that radiates from your life on a consistent basis.

    Great design. Wanna do me? Um, I mean, my blog.

  2. I like the new template; it's got a cleaner look than the old one.

  3. Both the name and the layout are beautiful. *hug*

  4. When I saw the new title, I loved it. Very positive and moving forward.
    I also like the color and header. I say keep it all.

  5. Encouraging progress....
    and a bright smile :)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Cool website design! Now, I just have to change the link from my blog.

    Great! =)

  7. Oooo! Pretty! And I hope you're feeling better after going out for a, uh, "spin" in your truck... that may have been *too* tacky of a pun...


  8. I now have the irrepressible urge to go find out if there is a blog by Rising Up Whore.

  9. Wow, thanks y'all! So encouraging! Yeah, I really like the new name better. I want to focus on moving forward, continued growth and wholeness, not the pit I was hanging out in... But sorry for the link-changes. ;) I promise I won't change again for a while...

    Liadan...did you find such a blog? We should start one (ha, I just accidently typed that we should "tart" one)

  10. I totally agree on the "brokenness" thing... I remember it clicked for me one day when I questioned the title of a favorite book of mine at the time and discovered that I was weary of thinking of myself as a "ragamuffin"... just the idea of, like what you said, or at least the way I interpret it, not being "whole"... so in other words, always working from a deficit. Since then, the concept of "namaste" really resonated with me and helped me. "I recognize that within each of us is a place where Divinity dwells, and when we are in that place, we are One" (wikipedia) which really suggests the opposite... we all have that divine spark from the onset.

    Love the new look.


  11. Alas, there seems to be a dearth of up-raising sex worker blogs.

    I'd be afraid to (s)tart one, frankly. Anarchy and prostitution? I don't even want to think about the emails.

  12. BTW... I can't get over how neat your blog looks!

  13. Oh my goodness! Love the new design!

  14. Christine,

    I am very happy for you. I saw the new title and had such a strong sense of what the change meant, even before reading your explanation. What a beautiful personal victory. Congratulations.

  15. Hi Christine,

    I know i'm late in the accolades but kudos to your new look here! Your perspective about not being broken is refreshing to so many of us clothed in ashes.