Friday, March 03, 2006

Last blogger standing...

I really think I might officially be the last gay or ex-gay blogger to see Brokeback mountain. Eugene thought he was the last back on the third of January. Then JJ blogged that she was the last gay blogger to make a post (on January 30th). Then Homer claimed on January 31st that he was the last blogger to have seen it. But no, really, I've got you all beat. Not that I have a competitive nature or anything. What do I win?

I had put off seeing it, because, well, I knew it wasn't a happy ending. And there seems to be so much pain in the lives of people I've known who have tried in vain to change their orientation, or who have had marriages fail because of the orientation of one half of the couple. I just thought why should I pay to go see it? And also, I wanted to be the last gay blogger to see it.

And it was sad. And so sad to think of how many people think it's still impossible to be who they are. And so very sad thinking of all the people who have endured so much hurt because their spouse can never really love them as they should.

The part that made me happy, though, was seeing same-gender-loving people being portrayed as just...real people. Real people with a real love and care for each other that withstood the test of time, even though it was (much) less than ideal. Not quite the stereotype that the ex-gay groups would like to promote (which is probably why they find the film so "damaging and harmful").

So I don't have anything new to add to the (by now, very old) BBM discussions. Except that I finally saw it already. Next I might see one of the Lord of the Rings movies or something (yeah, I've never seen any of them, either). Eh, don't hold your breath.


  1. Right, so sad and so sad that it still happens today. Ugh.

    After I saw it a straight friend asked, "So did ya enjoy it?"

    Um, no, it broke my heart. But really what is one to ask about a film like this and Boys Don't Cry and other tragic stories like them.

    Let's hope for some new stories with genuine happy endings.

  2. Hey now, don't be dissing Lord of the Rings...