Thursday, May 10, 2007

Edit me

I think it's pretty obvious by some of my recent posts that I am trying to process all the feedback I've gotten with the recent media attention (and the mail Peterson and I receive on bXg). I had a hunch that it would be difficult for me, who has grown up wanting to please, and spent much of my life aching to be understood (although both of these things have greatly improved as I've settled into myself the last few years). So while I'm actually dealing with this much better than I expected and developing a thicker skin in the process, there have been a few hiccups, and so my readers get a glimpse into the journey.

Within the first week of the Good Morning America interview, I had people questioning things I said, or telling me I should have said this or that, or not said this other thing, or if I really meant x instead of y. It was overwhelming (especially since it was my first time on TV, and I was unprepared for two of the questions, both things I said I hadn't wanted to talk about just yet). Some of it was actually good feedback that I am taking under advisement. It was still a bit much for me emotionally, though.

I finally talked to a friend of mine on about it, and he sent me the following:
All the expectations people have or want to push your way reminds me of a little plaque one of our editors had on his wall behind his desk. It had a simple statement and scrawled all over the rest of the space of the 5 X 7 page were edits and rewrites in various hands. The caption was attributed to Mark Twain: "Few things are more human or more powerful than the desire to edit someone else's writing."


  1. I've always used the motto, "You'll never please everyone." I always figure that if you are pleasing everyone, then you're living a life so bland that Mr. Rogers would have yawned in your face.

    You're handling all this attention with class and dignity. No matter what crap is slung your way from whoever, a lot of people have your back. Your bravery is helping so many people. You have allies you haven't even met yet.

    If it were me, I'd be using much more colorful language and flipping people the bird, telling them if they don't like my life they can shove it up their big, uptight, judgemental *bleeps*! Everyone wants to butt into other people's lives....mind your own freakin' business.

    People are straight, people are bisexual, and people are homosexual. It's biology. Get over it. It was like this before you were here and will be long after you're gone.

    (I'm trying hard to be good in your blog, woman. It's not easy for a blunt person like myself. *LOL*)

  2. ooh, girl, i understand the "must please" reaction... you're my hero right now as i'm trying to move beyond... really, really enjoying watching the "real" you rise! be strong!