Saturday, May 12, 2007

My NYC adventure (part 2)

This is the second installment of my NYC adventure posts (part one is here).

After Jed left, and I took some congratulatory phone calls, I got busy scraping off the GMA makeup (although I wasn't able to get all of it off—I wonder if the makeup folks were expecting me to cry because they used some heavy duty stuff that took a lot of work to remove).

On my way over to the Glamour offices (they graciously let me use a free computer in their offices for a bit so I could catch up on some online stuff), I stumbled across the Naked Cowboy...not that this is hardly a feat in Times Square, but still...

The megalomaniac Naked Cowboy can be found in all weather playing his guitar and posing for pictures with tourists in exchange for tips. His website contains chapters from his autobiography and he writes, "My love for life, my dedication and hard work for excellence, my compassion and open-mindedness will be world-renowned, recognized ,and sought after, if not emulated by all. [...] As the most celebrated entertainer of all time, naturally I feel a tremendous responsibility to inform the public what exactly went into the making of my legend and my legacy."

It's always summer in my world. There's just certain times throughout the year when it's harder to convince myself of that.
—Naked Cowboy

"I'm thirty years old, I sing and play guitar in my underwear for a living. What could be bad news next to that?"
—Naked Cowboy
Just goes to show that you always have to keep an eye on those living the straight lifestyle. His effort to convert me didn't work.

(The Condé Nast building where the Glamour offices are located)

When I got over to the Glamour offices, I met a lot of the people I'd only previously talked to on the phone, or met via e-mail. I'm pictured below with Jill Herzig, the Executive Editor at Glamour, following a great discussion we had about the difference between being a lesbian versus being a gay man in the ex-gay world.

All the people at the magazine were very kind to me (I don't know why, but I had this idea that I'd walk into the office and they'd take a picture of me and put it on their "Don't" page). Jill even gave me a great tip for removing the stubborn gobs of mascara (baby oil, just in case you ever find yourself in this predicament).

I wandered around Times Square the rest of the day, doing touristy stuff. Walking into the Swatch store reminded me that I'm a child of the 80s. I got my first (and only) swatch when I was sixteen, and really wanted to buy this "Sign of the Times" watch, but I was on a tight budget, so I just looked at it longingly. Although not nearly as longingly as I looked at the Naked Cowboy (ahem *coughsurecough*)

From Diane Sawyer to the Naked Cowboy to makeup removal tips from the folks in the know at Glamour. What a day.


  1. First, do you actually think that you just "stumbled" across the Naked Cowboy? As a straight woman, it's my duty to shove my brazen straight agenda and decadent lifestyle out there and prey on unsuspecting gays. I arranged for him to run into you because nothing screams "GO STRAIGHT!" like that dude. I'll obviously have to resort to more drastic measures next time (and get my twenty bucks back from him)....

    And second, next time someone slathers you in spackle, try Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser. It's pretty good. I'll keep that baby oil idea in mind, too....

    And third, a "Sign of the Times" watch! My fave musician of all time is Prince. (Seriously.) If you ever want some of his music, let me know....

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! What's it like to be on "tour" in a strange sort of real life story way?

    I've got a pretty interesting story on my blog today, it might be of interest to you. check it out.


  3. Forget Diane Sawyer, I can't believe you met the Naked Cowboy!

    I would imagine going to Condé Nast is something like Ugly Betty (for ugly me that is).

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Let's restart the 3 on one wrist trend. I LOVE

  5. Wow lady, I've not perused your blog in a while... it looks like your life is getting frenetic, wacky, and much busier ;) Good for you on the Glamour article. Peterson showed it to me and it was brilliant. Keep speaking up and keep heart!!