Friday, October 21, 2005

Alan Chambers supports equal treatment?

Alan Chambers (president of Exodus) posted a rare comment today over at Ex-gay watch. He agreed with XGW that heterosexual and homosexual crimes deserve equal punishment, saying, "I am not a proponent of unequal treatment."

What's really noteworthy though, in my oh so very humble opinion, was a response from Timothy. Here's a snippet:
I'm glad we've found an item we agree on. Perhaps this can be a stepping stone. We can next agree on equal treatment outside of jail.

We can agree to oppose sodomy laws because they are based on unequal treatment. We agree that we will not call Lawrence v. Texas the immoral legalization of homosexual sodomy imposed on us by activist judges.

We can agree that laws banning gay marriage are wrong and must be defeated because they apply unequal treatment. We agree to stop pretending that marriage will somehow be harmed if it is equally applied.
Read the rest here.

Alan is known for the occasional drive-by posting, so I don't expect him back to discuss equal treatment. Still, while I admit to choking over his post (Exodus opposes the overturning of sodomy laws) and cheering with Timothy's response, I continue to hope that Alan will not always remain blind to the half-truths and double standards that characterize his position on these issues.


  1. Thank goodness for the Timothy's, Christine's and Peterson's of the world! I am truly impressed with how strong and diverse our community is! I thank you for opening my eyes!

  2. I've seen the same drive-by behavior in another forum. It seems to be his standard mode of operating and looks like a half-hearted attempt in order to say, "I've been engaged with my opponents" without really being engaged.

  3. This has nothing to do with your post but.... your blog has been pretty inspiring. I was told about a GLBT reading group on our campus.... and guess what I did.... I went! O my cow I was sooo scared! But I wanted to tell you about it, and I'm kind of relieved that I made myself go! Ehehe ^_^*


  4. Jordan - Thank you as well for introducing me to everything going on in Denver! I, too, am impressed by the strength and diversity in our community...

    Mark - I agree with your assessment. The only person I've seen who doesn't do that is Chad Thompson. I don't agree with everything he does/says, but he at least continued to hang out over at XGW for a while and dialog...Alan did come back for one or two additional posts, but conveniently sidestepped the questions and remarks that were waiting for him.

    Katie - I already posted this to you elseweb, but I'm really glad you went. Good for you! :)

  5. Hi there Christine! I saw your article in Glamour and was fairly impressed with your journey. While being heterosexual myself, my sister is a lesbian. I've seen what she's gone through with my family and supoprted if not defended her on a number of occasions(I think myself and one other in the family have been accepting). Having said that, I sincerely applaud your courage to be YOU and not what you -think- you're supposed to be.

    Random comment yes, but I wanted to say something in hopes that encouragment from even a stranger would help! Good luck in your journey!