Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Jim over at Straight Not Narrow has this to say about choices:
When I woke up this morning, I made a number of choices. I decided to get up early and check e-mail. I chose to feed the cat and play with him. I stopped for breakfast on my way to work. I made those and numerous other decisions before the sun was fully over the horizon today.

I did not decide that today I would be a heterosexual. In fact, I've never made that choice. Even before puberty descended upon me, I was attracted to cute girls, and that has never changed. It just came naturally.
Read the whole thing.

While I'm not sure what trusting God to sort it out in the end means, I do hope that posts like these will make people stop and think. And for every straight person who has ever asked me, "When did you start being a lesbian?" I'd like to respond, "Probably about the same time you started being straight."

Oh, and while I may not have chosen to be a lesbian, I choose every day to be happy. I choose every day to stop hiding who I am. I choose every day to tell the truth about my life.

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