Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Talk about it!

Today is National Coming Out Day ("Talk About It" is the theme) which also happens to be the first time I'm speaking in front of people about my coming out, going back in, and re-coming out story. In preparation for this, I ate a good breakfast this morning, wore my favorite clothes (the aqua shirt a friend gave me, and my pink socks with stars on them!) and jewelry (the ring is a present to myself and the necklace is from a friend in Australia).

I happen to be working at an agency today where people have known me since 2000. When I told one person that I was speaking tonight, they said, "Remember when you threw up on your shoes out in the agency parking lot because you had to give a presentation about advertising production?" Hmm. Yeah, thanks for reminding me. That was about 4 years ago. The only other time I've spoken in front of anyone was about a year later when I gave my testimony of change and God's healing power for my church's youth group. Both times (in spite of the vomit incident), I ended up doing just fine, and even got compliments on my speaking ability. I am choosing to remember that instead. Although I am wearing crocs today, so at least they are washable (just in case). I didn't plan that, though--most people who know me are aware that I have 7 different pairs of crocs and am almost never seen without them (unless there's tons of snow, like yesterday).

I'm actually more excited than nervous about tonight. I feel really good about telling my story (my truth), and I feel like it's so needed. I've been getting some help and advice from Peterson (who's a talented writer, actor, and speaker) so I'm very thankful for that.

I'll be sure to report back!


  1. Hope it goes well!

  2. Thanks Jimbo and Jim! :) It went amazingly well. Thanks for your support!

  3. Wow! You're like a crazy person with all your speaking outness. I'll have to come hear you speak before you get all famous and I'd have to spend like 100 bucks to hear you speak.... hehehe!