Saturday, February 11, 2006

Happy buddha

I went to see Dr. Cheng today (a fantastic Chinese doctor, acupuncturist and herbalist), with complaints of neck and shoulder pain.

He told me this particular pattern was called "Happy Buddha". And wouldn't you know it--when I left the office, this is what I looked like:

My shoulders still seem a bit hunched up around my ears, but dang if I'm not a lot happier! (Hey, stop rubbing my stomach already.)


  1. So now the activist homosexuals are utilizing skin pics (acu-porn-ture, if you will) to encourage us to practice deviant alternative medicine and embrace Buddhism. Don't be deceived, friends! My uncle is large, bald, and jolly, too, and he's still a good Republican heterosexual Christian who never takes his clothes off!

  2. Yes indeedy - acu-porn-ture. Come and get it. (Or should I say "git it?")

    Tell your uncle he should try it some time. All the best homersexual cowboys from down south are doing it!

  3. Thanks for the laugh. I love it when people can poke fun at themselves (it saves the trouble of getting poked by others, I guess).

    So did the acupuncture work? do you feel better?

  4. Hi Ninjanun...yup, the acupuncture actually did help quite a bit! But then I went and worked a total of 28 hours over 2 days and undid all of it. I wasn't a very happy Buddha those days. ;) Thanks for asking. And yes, I like poking fun at myself. But I leave the needles to Dr. Cheng.