Monday, December 04, 2006

Like I need your support

Saw this on a message board about cats:
How can I get my cats to stop jumping on the countertops?


(there were many answers given by different people but that one made me spit my tea onto my keyboard)
and one more:
How can I get my cat to stop Meowing? We have had him since he was a kitten, He meows all the time and really never stops I don't want to hurt him in anyway, I have tryed smaking him on the butt and using a spray bottle filled with water but nothing has worked and he is still meowing

I do not understand why he is meowing all the time just for no reason cause he always has food & water filled up everyday

You try not making one word for a day, and if you do, have some one slap yur dumb ass.

cats meow....what do you want him to do--bark?

maybe he is trying to tell YOU to shut up. You sound like a yapper yourself.......blah blah blah
Which reminds me of a great bumper sticker I saw recently:
National Sarcasm Society. Like we need your support.


  1. Mike's cat, Gremlin, developed quite the voice for a while.

    It could be disconcerting, because he would get going as if he had something to tell you, and wasn't going to shut up until you got it. Sometimes at 3am.

    I love the bumper sticker, though!

  2. Well, actually, the reason I was even searching it out was that Max has turned into quite the talker. He has always been a bit, and I thought it was so cute when he was a baby and I'd always talk back to him, and we'd hold conversations. Now sometimes it's just annoying. I guess I shouldn't have talked back so much.

    I felt bad for the people asking those questions and getting that sarcastic feedback, but it made me laugh because that's the kind of stuff I sometimes think but would never write or say.

    Anyway, like I needed your comment, Steve.


  3. Hi Christine,


    I'm sorry, but I LOL at that answer.

    I understand your point, but I think there may be a point to sarcasm. There is really only so much one can do to train or control a cat. Cat's own untrainable personalities is part of their appeal. The best thing to do is to play and wear the cat out each day so they'll hopefully sleep at night.

    My boyfriend and his roommates have four cats and they can be quite loud when all four want attention. The alpha cat -- who is also the cutest -- runs the house. If she wants up onto a counter, she WILL get on the counter no matter how many times you push her off. Stapling may be the only answer. :-)


    National Sarcasm Society Alumn

  4. Oh my gosh Christine!!! I am laughing so hard at this whole thing! Thank YOU! I love laughing like that!

  5. I know this sounds cruel, but it truly is not. You can break your cat from jumping on countertops by placing mousetraps on them. Cats' reflexes are so fast that they will be able to avoid having their foot (or whatever body part) actually caught in the trap. After encountering these things a few times, they will stay off the counters. Trust me it works. I've tried it and I have friends who have tried it. No cats were injured in any way.