Sunday, December 10, 2006

Selling my blog to the highest bidder

No, I'm not really selling my blog. Anyway, I wouldn't know what to get with the $.99 I'd get for it.

I can't believe it's almost been a week since I blogged last. I have got to get out of this non-blogging funk.

I've been really busy trying to find things to sell in my house, cleaning, and trying to find work (er, not necessarily in that order I guess). I'm happy to report that I got work for Monday and Tuesday this week and the next. So that is very exciting. Four days of in-house agency work, and hopefully none of them will cancel. The downside of freelance, for sure.

The last two days I have been putting stuff up on e-bay. The big sellers so far are my... (and this is like a coming out of sorts for me)...Little House on the Prairie series. OK, go ahead and make fun of me. It was my favorite show (and book series) when I was a kid. So I have seasons one through six and I'm selling them. I have this one annoying e-bayer who keeps e-mailing me questions about how much I will sell them for in this or that combination ("How much would you charge for seasons 2-6 together? How much will you charge for season 3, 5 and 6?") and it doesn't matter that each time I keep telling her I can't sell them as a set because they have all already been bid on individually. So then she just e-mails me asking about a new combination. Gah.

But anyway, I have a number of things up and hopefully I will get in some money there. I am keeping my most favorite stuff though (aside from the Little House DVDs), so don't feel sorry for's good to get rid of stuff.

There are a couple more serious posts I want to write, and I will, when I have some time again. Hmmm, unless someone wants to pay me to post? (I know my posts lately have been just so compelling that I could start an e-bay auction for another post, and you all could bid. I know, I might be taking this too far.)

Here's a toast to more work coming my way...or some really crazy end-of-auction bidding war on some of my junk. (clink!)


  1. I will buy your blog if you change the name to "Raising up Whore".

    Hey, blog when you can. No biggie. Oh and I have provided you with material. You have been TAGGED!

  2. I'll bid you 5 hugs in Seattle if you'll write a blog post about your favorite character on Little House on the Prairie! Of course, after you handle being tagged. =)