Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You don't think I'm weird, do you? appears that I have been tagged for this "6 weird things about you" questionnaire that is going 'round the net. Well, at least around in my circles. Around in circles. Around circles. Round circles. Hmmm. Anyway.

Sorry my answers are long. That's, like, a weird thing about me. How much I write, when a shorter answer would easily suffice. Consider it a freebie. However, on to the real list:

1. I have food allergies, regular allergies, car sickness, claustrophobia...etc. So a dinner out with me means no Asian food and picking through the menu (and asking lots of questions or making special requests), I have to sit in the front seat of the car, I have to sit on the outside of the booth...and so on. I'm like that kid at camp who always had to be in the nurse station and came with an enormous shoebox full of pills. That's pretty much me.

2. I think that my cats are Jewish (God's way of trying to get folks of different religions, or different flavors of Christianity to get along). I also think they are nearly human, and understand what I say to them.

3. I often anthropomorphize inanimate objects. So if something falls down, I sometimes feel sorry for it. I also think my truck has feelings. Sometimes I don't want to get rid of something because I don't want to hurt its feelings (you know, like that old vase I am giving to goodwill - I don't want it to feel hurt because I've replaced it).

4. Sometimes I think I have a hearing problem (but I really don't - I can hear just fine, especially when I don't want to). I am so visually oriented that I find it hard to listen to audio books and I always watch movies with subtitles or closed-captioning on. When someone tells me something, I often have to see the words spelled out in my head. I often look at people's mouths when they talk, and if I am not looking at their mouth, or not looking at them directly, I occasionally seem to not be able to hear them, or catch words. Sometimes when I hear people talking, I think they aren't speaking in English. But they are. But then again, sometimes when I accidently switch to the Spanish channel (I suck at foreign languages, so I don't know Spanish), I will listen to it for a minute, and not realize it is not English. I think that's pretty weird, don't you?

5. I have a serious problem remembering my right from my left, and often will think "I pledge allegiance to the flag" so that I can think which hand is my right hand (no, that "L" shape hand thing doesn't work for me; because if you have a problem with right and left, why the heck would you remember off the top of your head which way the "L" is supposed to go?). So when I give you directions, if I say left, I might really mean right. But sometimes I might say left and really mean left, right?

6. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I will start thinking about words that shouldn't go together, or words that do go together, but individually don't make sense, or seem strange, or words that seem spelled wrong, or alliterative words, or weird questions that suddenly bother me, or big long run-on sentences that I create in my head just like this one. Also I envision long sentences with lots of big words, or a string of small words (and lots of parenthetical statements).

So, that's pretty much it. I'm weird. But so are you, probably (although I bet you don't say the beginning of the pledge of allegiance to yourself when you are giving someone directions).

I'm not going to tag anyone...because...everyone I know is pretty much doing this (or has done it). But if you've not been tagged and would like to tag yourself...go for it.


  1. cool weird stuff. I especially like the hearing one. I can understand how you being so VERY visual can not hear something.

    Thanks for sharing your weirdness! Joe G is my final victim who has yet to respond.

  2. And wasn't it you that I kept saying "what?" to?

  3. oh MY need to tag me...

    i am NOT just saying this...cause why in the heck would I...but...3 through 6...are ME! Compltely and totally.

    3.I'm pretty good at "purging" old stuff from time to time...unless...well...unless I feel sorry for it, then I have to keep it because it loves me and I love it...and it would just be wrong...and I know you understand that...FINALLY...someone who understands that....

    4. and I've sat for who knows how long before in front of the spanish station until one of the boys comes in and says "mom, what are you watching?...can you understand that?...and i'll be like....uh...know....i can't...but...well...(i make this up) i'm trying to should try it sometime....

    5.the right/left so annoys me about myself....i haven't consider the pledge of allegiance trick...i still just think about holding a pencil and remember that i'm right-handed....but i have to do it pretty much every time i'm trying to direct or give directions....

    6. i get up in the middle of the night and blog sometimes because if i don't get it out i can't ya go...

    we are obviously twins seperated along the space time continuium....

    you do believe in the space/time continuium? right? or left?


    love ya!

  4. I also have a problem with left and right, now when I give directions I also point in case I tell them the wrong direction.
    When I was in parochial school I use to drive the nuns crazy when I blessed myself with my left hand.

  5. My bf does 3. Do you name your objects too? He has pretty much named all of the more precious objects I own.

    4. and 5. are me. People who know me well know that when I say, "what was that?", that I'm really just stalling while I contemplate their statement. I can't do R/L directions either -- especially in a car. I have to point.