Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Un-Christmas tree photo series, part 2

Here's my tree, with ornaments. When I get the colored light bulbs for the stand, I'll probably take another picture and bore you with that too. The stand (which you can't see in this photo I just realized, but here's a photo of it) is actually a vintage cast iron stand with three spots for three light bulbs (needs to seriously be rewired but I will just have it turned on when I'm sitting in the room, armed with my trusty fire extinguisher). Anyway, three colored bulbs are on order so hopefully it will all be complete before Christmas, even if it is my Un-Christmas tree.

I suppose like any tree, it has too many ornaments on it. Well, this is my big Christmas decorating hurrah, so I guess I'll just leave it how it is. At least my electric bills won't go up (hi, Pam). ;)

P.S. I would totally recommend being out of work from the point of view of getting things done around the house. Sucks as far as those bills and stuff go, but I've installed an under-cabinet kitchen light (that's been sitting in my basement for four years), alphabetized my DVDs, organized my tools, made vegetable stock to freeze, made myself a wooden Christmas tree (save a tree! make one out of wood!), and completed a few other small projects that have been staring at me for years. It's amazing how much time you have when you don't work. Too bad nobody warned me about it before I started that nasty work habit. It's so hard to quit once you're hooked.

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