Monday, April 23, 2007


Wow, what an amazing morning!

I had a great time on Good Morning America. I'll upload pictures when I can -- my friend Jed took some, and one of me with Diane Sawyer. I'm not aware of there being any video online, but it if happens I'll try to blog about it.

I'm thrilled that I got a chance to tell my story. It's so important, and I really hope that not only were some eyes opened to the damage that is often done to gay folks through many of these ministries, but also perhaps some people who have been through an ex-gay experience will find hope and healing, too.

If you're a survivor of ex-gay ministries, or just want to find out more, check out We're putting on a conference at the end of June in Irvine California that will be a great place for folks to learn more, and also a place for us to tell our stories and support and encourage each other. Check it out!


  1. Hey Christine, I read your story and just wanted to say I'm sorry for the CHristians out there who let you down. I do, also want to say that I totally respect where you're coming from, but i have had a very opposite experience in ex gay ministries. They were not my healing, Jesus alone was, but they were a help to me in realizing who I truly am in Christ. So please just be cautious in saying that those ministries are often damaging, because that's not necessarily the case. Yes, there are some out there that have done more harm unfortunately, but not all have. Bless you in your walk with Him!

  2. Christine
    Wow, God sure has some unique twists and turns for us. Wonderful to see your face on tv no less and that all is going well with you. :D

    Been busy lately as well. Haven't been the good blog reader or commentor I should be. But, I will do better.

    Take care

  3. Christine, you are amazing! Thank you for stepping up and telling your story.

  4. Wow, Christine. I know the past year has been difficult, but you knew, as well as I, that so much good was going to come from your story getting out there -- which is, of course, why you did it :-). Congrats, doll.


  5. I didn't get to watch (I don't have tv - gasp, I know, how do I ever manage to procrastinate? Thank you internet) but I hear you did a superb job. I'm so glad you are out there telling your story - it desperately needs to be heard.

  6. Hi Christine, I caught you on GMA. I totally appreciate your story. You are courageous to share, especially to a national audience. Like Christy commented earlier, my experience was totally opposite. Ex-gay ministries are not perfect, nor the total answer. What they provided me with was a standard of truth that Jesus used to ground me through tumultuous struggles. It took 15 years for me to be set free from homosexuality. But I am changed and glad I am. However I understand there are alot of well meaning Christians out there that unfortunately do more damage than good. I also believe not everyone who pursue's change will experience change. But for those that choose to try and then find success it's worth the journey. God bless you.

  7. I just the GMA story and interview on You were terrific, articulate and positive! Thanks again for representing our story!

    BTW, I was at the GCN Portland gathering when Peterson called you about the GMA crew's arrival. I'm glad everything turned out so well.

    I love your accessories too :)

  8. You can view the segment for yourself on-line:

  9. I just read the article about you in Glamour, and I want to thank you for your courage in talking about your experiences. There is too much judgemental and controlling action being taken by the Christian fundamentalist movement right now. I don't believe that God ever intended us to demand that people be anything other than what they were created. About a year and a half ago, my sister-in-law's younger stepbrother gave up and shot himself, in desperation over the demand that he give up his homosexuality to be a Christian. Jesus never taught his followers to treat people that way. This young man was in pain, and when he reached out to Christian family members, he was told that there was no hope unless he could stop having sex with men. Some of those relatives still believe that what they told him was right. I believe that God loves all of us, and expects us to love each other in the best way that we are able. Thank you for opening eyes, and may God grant that you open hearts as well!

  10. Saw Peterson's link.

    Well done Christine! I thought the whole segment came across very well.