Saturday, April 07, 2007

The slippery Easter slope

Over on Pam's blog, she recently wrote about getting her dog fixed, and her young son's reaction to such a drastic surgery. The comments section is the best part of that post, though, as people talk about whether "change is possible" for the dog.

This comment caught my eye and I thought I'd post it as an Easter special. Robert writes:
I have to share a scene from one Easter when I was a boy:

We used to have lots of animals, including a small cat, a one-eyed rabbit, and a mallard duck (that my sister had hatched on a heating pad). The rabbit was not fixed had a thing for my little cat -- and my dad knew it. But it was Easter, so my dad let the rabbit out of his hutch to hop around Easter Bunny style.

Needless to say, the rabbit saw the kitty, and started to chase kitty around the yard. The duck, who was watching things unfold, decided to chase the rabbit. My cat finally gave up in the middle of the yard, hunkered down into the grass, while the rabbit mounted him from behind. Not to be outdone, our duck proceeded to mount the rabbit. So, for a few seconds on Easter Sunday, we got to watch triple-decker, interspecies live animal porn in the backyard.

Fortunately, no Easter eggs were harmed in the Springtime frolic.

Which just goes to show you, it's not the gays marrying donkeys that you have to worry about.


  1. Hi! I saw your article in Glamour and I was just wondering if you ever did public speaking. I am part of my school's GLBTQ Alliance (Drew University - Madison,NJ)and we are trying to set up speakers for next year. We are still in the planning process so nothing can be finalized yet but if you are interested and are comfortable with public speaking contact me at Thanks!

  2. Yes, I do public speaking. I'll send you an e-mail. thanks!

  3. Grimm's Fairy Tale No. 210: Barnyard Hijinks.

    (bow chicka wow wow....)

  4. I read your story in Glamour! Amazing. Wow. Congratulations. Would you like to be part of a new program called GORGEOUS FOR GOD - inspiring individuals to be as God created them ... perfect. Demonstrating God's Love on earth, perfectly as we are. Love, Joy. Innocene. Perfection. Based on a course in miracles, NOT religious ideas. We get to be perfectly ourselves! little children of God!

  5. Sheila, ha! I'm glad you're commenting on my blog again (probably that was also helped by me actually blogging again).

    Lisa, thank you for your comment. I looked at your site and think it's a great thing to be doing. I hope that a lot of people find healing in it. I feel a little overwhelmed with all the Glamour stuff, the new website, and conference planning right now, so I don't have time to be involved in something new, but hopefully the right people will be directed your way soon. Thank you for your kind thoughts...