Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Overworked, overfed, going to bed

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Sometimes life is like this. No work, and then you get a week's worth in one weekend. That whole feast or famine thing. And I'm definitely feasting right now — there's no time to take a break or go out for lunch with this project looming, so the agency keeps ordering in food. And lots of it. I think they're scared that if I leave the building I won't come back.

I'm not complaining about the work though (I haven't had any in weeks, which was good when it came to all the time on the website; but not so good when it comes to grocery money) but I've put in almost 50 hours in the last four days and I'm just wiped out. I'm going to bed since I need to be back there in less than eight hours. I can't believe I used to work 12 hour days all the time, and regularly sleep at the office or under my desk (no really, I did, way more often than I want to remember).

Anyway, apologies for my blogging absence. For those of you waiting for replies to comments or e-mails, it might be another couple of days. I appreciate all the feedback on the article and the new website.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my wonderful nephews. On Easter. In Texas. Crazy.

(By the way, is it just me or does the snowman look like Homer Simpson? Hmmm...donuts.)


  1. I came to your site after reading the Glamour article... your courage is inspiring!!! Best of luck, Kate

  2. I believe that programs like the one you attended miss the problem because no-one has ever identified root causes for other-orientation. To treat this as a spiritual matter only ignores environmental and medical factors that may contribute to it. We seem to understand that Testosterone and Estrogen play a role in heterosexual development, but ignore their role (via presence or absence) in homosexuality. Any "normalizing" program must consider the underlying medical/physiological, emotional, and psychological influences behind other-orientation. Spritual influence may only play a small role and will on its own, only lead to short-term behavioral changes with eventual regression.

  3. Christine,

    I just happen to be flipping through the channels, and I caught Good Morning America as they were concluding your interview.

    From there, they mentioned your aritcle in "Glamour" magazine which I just had the honor of reading.

    I would just like to say as a somebody who is gay as well, that, you are a wonderful, amazing person.

    The light in your eyes and the energy that exuded as you talked to Diane Sawyer just amplified off of the TV screen.

    You are happy, and content with who you are. It shows.

    Please, be strong, and be proud of who you are. Don't let other's dictate who you are, or most importantly, who you love.

    It is within this point where you can finally breathe and please never forget that the privelage of a lifetime is being who you are.