Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hide your bad advertising!

This has been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (week, month, etc).

Perhaps delayed reaction from last weekend.

I just feel like most of my friends don't really give a shit.(OK, that's just dumb)...moving on...

It is driving me crazy that I can't call people.

I hate hearing commercials reminding me it is almost Mother's Day.

I hate that I just found out I don't have a superdrive on my mac G5. I paid for it! I special ordered it! I don't have it. It's too late to do anything about it.

I hate the fact I never bothered to notice that I can't burn DVDs until now, when I need it, nearly two years after I bought the machine.

I hate it when I get my hopes up about something that doesn't happen.

I hate the fact that I can't get a copy of my own police report, detailing the theft of my ID, without showing picture ID.

I hate this certain agency I'm working at and all of their font issues. Every time I work there, some crap with the fonts.

I hate the so-called Christian organizations that take advantage of my loved ones.

I hate the stupid new ad for RTD (Denver Metro bus system) that says "It all started on a bus...Rosa Parks...(1913-2005)" - WTH? Yeah, it all started on a bus cuz the stupid bus drivers wanted her to move to the back. She didn't. Then she walked. She wasn't on the bus. Neither were a bunch of other people. All these people not paying money to the bus company so they could prove they were fully humans and deserving of sitting wherever the hell they wanted. The bus became a symbol of the racism that was endured on a daily basis and is still endured on different levels to this day. This makes me want to ride a bus how exactly? Stupid advertising.

Wow, when I start criticizing random advertising, you know it's been a bad day.

I am in a mood, I guess you could say.


  1. Hey mama...
    You're loved because your friends REALLY miss you and collard greens. PLEASE CALL US!!! We can't get ahold of you!
    You're loved because you're one honest chick and because I still think you're flirting with me!

  2. Okay, just read the rest of your blogs...we will email you!!!!

    Love you girlie!
    Jordan and Charise

  3. Yes! OMG, will you guys call me? I'm going to bed but leave a msg on my phone with your numbers (I don't have them). I can't dial long-distance on my home phone. I can't find your e-mails. I'm losing it. Collard greens, yes! Ethiopian food, yes! And I'm not flirting with you! ;D

  4. Get off the computer, you goober...and just call us...oh wait, you did! Ha!

    A little ramble of mine own for the woman we call FABULOUS!

    She is the woman who inspired...
    The woman I certainly admire...
    And I think it's time she real-uh-lized people LOVE her for being the queer, beautiful, fantastic woman, with a heart of incredible depth, a soul with wonderous dreams, and the "blondness" that reminds me of me! LOL

  5. Man oh man, what an ordeal. You deserve to scream and rant. Let it out!

    Frugal for Life

  6. You sound like you could use a good shampooing.

    (Okay, I'll stop being a smart ass.)

    I just read this and I would call you right now so you could yell your head off, but it's now 11pm where you are and that goes after my polite thing of "don't call people past 10pm unless they say it's okay".

    I'm glad that a lot of the crap has been resolved, but I know that a good rant (or two, or three) sometimes just has to come out to truly feel better. It helps wash it shampoo does with dirt. Okay, I'll stop with the shampoo references. No, really. I swear. ;-)

  7. OK dearie, just take a few deep breaths and repeat this mantra: "Thiiiiiis toooooo shaaaaaaaall paaaaaaaaassss...." several times if necessary. Alternately, try doing so while hitting a boxing bag with a picture of James Dobson's face on it (no, I did NOT just say that, it's very un-Christian, hehehe :).

    Peace be with you.

  8. Real life, eh? Sometimes a bit too real.

    I'm tired of my week, too... just heard that I'm not welcome at my son's graduation, and yet the finances are a mess, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get there anyway.

    In the meantime, I totally respect you for being real. Just take care, step by step, and I'll do the same.

  9. It may not be much, but consider yourself hugged.

  10. Lots to hate and yeah the ad, WTF is right. Losers.

    I can think of about 24 annoying Christian statements I can write to ramp up your annoyance that much more. I refrain in Jesus' name. :-)

  11. Thank you everyone!! Your comments really helped me through all of this...