Wednesday, May 24, 2006


There's a bit of discussion going on in the comments for my last entry concerning the true origins of homosexuality. Turns out, it might be chocolate chips. Who knew?


  1. Where did you find the cover for my soon-to-be-released book, "Yup. You're Gay. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream and Homosexuality: The More Chocolate Chips, The Gayer It Gets"...?! I thought that I had it hidden on my hard drive!

    (Okay, the title is a bit long. I'll work on that.)

  2. ROFL!! :P May I use that graphic on my blog?

  3. Well, that would explain my lifelong love for chocolate chips...

  4. nonsequitur - of course! ;)

    I know, I love chocolate chips too, although I'm not that fond of mint chocolate chip ice cream. So there is a slight problem about the lesbians in the survey. But we can learn from history and just nevermind about the lesbians.

  5. It has to be the chocolate chips themselves as Jim pointed out. This will be great for my book! It's practically writing itself!

    Maybe I need a title change though.....

    "The Brazenly Gay Agenda of The Chocolate Chip"? Eh. Or, "Chocolate Chips & Gays: Melt In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand"? Nah, too provocative. Maybe "Liking Dudes And Chocolate Chips" (that narrows it down)....

  6. Yup, I like guys, and chocolate chips - however I'm no big fan of mint which goes to prove I'm straight :)

    Could the sequel deal with ruccola salad? Some of my gay friends tell me it's not just a rumour - they actually do have ruccola with every meal..