Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's not a tumor

Just thought you might be interested to know that I probably don't have a brain tumor. It's also unlikely that I'm going blind (remind me to cancel that order for books on CD).

I had convinced myself a few weeks ago that I was going blind...but I think now that it's only a sinus infection that has come to live in the area around my eyes. It's to the point where I really can't stand reading and I often close one of my eyes to be able to focus well on something, especially when tired. And of course, there's the little fact that my eyes are constantly watering and there's pain behind my eyes. You can see where I might have taken these symptoms and run with them, right?

I had a coworker who once told me that he thought I was a necrophiliac. When I laughed and said, "I don't think that word means what you think it means..." he said "Oh, you're right. I meant kleptomaniac." Eventually he settled on "hemophiliac." (I'm not that, either.)


  1. Awww. I'm so sorry you're a necrophiliac, klepto hemophiliac. ;-) I hope your sinus / eye problems help up quickly!

    How was the trip?!?

  2. ummm.. meant "heal up quickly!" (Note to self, don't comment after 11PM.) :-)

  3. phew! glad that scare is over and glad you had such a great time in CA and that you are back to your lovely Max and Sophie who missed you dearly and told me so.

  4. Was 'hypochondriac' the word your friend was looking for? Not that I'm accusing you of that, mind you; I'm just the type of person who'd stop to correct the grammar of someone who was threatening to beat me up...

  5. Suzanne, I am on the phone with the doc now trying to get some antibiotics (something which I normally never like to touch with a 10-foot pole). The trip was great - I'll post more about it later. Thanks for asking :)

    Peterson, yeah glad you don't have to hear anymore of my "Oh my gosh, I'm going blind" drama, aren't you? Awwww, you talked to Sophie and Max? They love you in spite of your aloofness theory. Or maybe that just reinforces your theory. Whatever.

    E, yup, he was trying for hypochondriac (which I am not sure is entirely fair but may have some basis in reality), but never got there. :) The hemophiliac got me though - I said, "You know, Hemophilliac - that's someone with a disease. Not an insult!" ;) But just for kicks, we would go around work for a while accusing people of being hemophilliacs.