Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well, I've been kinda ranty and not-so-much-happy on my blog lately, so as a reminder that the world is not all bad, I thought I'd post something cheery. I went to the Denver Zoo today with a friend who was celebrating her birthday.

It was fun to see all the different animals--I always feel like a kid again when I got to the zoo (even though I have mixed feelings about animals in captivity, I do enjoy seeing animals up close that I'd never get to see otherwise).

Got to see penguins, polar bears, lions, wolves, all kinds of birds, lizards, komodo dragons, frogs, elephants, three rhinos playing in the water, ring-tailed lemurs and tapirs. Much more, but that's what sticks out. (By the way, yes I photoshopped the above images. I took pics with my camera phone; so not good quality pics + being a photoshop geek = this is what you get)

I left right before a freak mini hail storm swept through Denver (the storm was mini, not the hail). I actually got pelted by a couple of these on my shoulders and they really stung! It was very good we left when we did. And of course...

When I got home, I was greeted by my own wee ones in captivity.


  1. Stupid hail. I had to fish a hat out of my closet so I could run outside to turn off my car's alarm before the neighbors decided to do it for me with a baseball bat. But no real harm done, I suppose.

  2. ooOOOOooooh, nice pics. Me likey ;)

  3. I'm always torn in my reactions to zoos. On the one hand, I love animals, and feel that zoos have some value in having children, especially, learn to appreciate the species we're in-process of annihilating on the slim chance it might slow that process down.

    On the other, I always feel bad to see them in captivity.

  4. Critters are so good for bad moods, aren't they!

    Glad you escaped that hail.