Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two daddies...two much love

Emma got to go to the White House with her two daddies for the easter egg roll. Trey, at Daddy, Papa and Me writes beautifully about Emma and her fun on the White House lawn on Sunday. He comments about the controversy and says
O'Reilly, the not-so-bright-bulb that he is, was afraid that we'd make parents talk about homosexual sex to their children... but when those parents are explaining single parents or even just other families, do they speak of their sex lives? of course not, no reason with young children, including when talking about our families.
Of course, O'Reilly was right about something, for a segment of our society, this just made it worse. The section that hates us, it just makes them hate us more. It did no good with them. But I don't care about the Perkins', O'Reilly's and Dobson's of the world any more. I am not trying to get their approval or acceptance. I don't even care that the Bushes weren't there. I've given up having them listen to us and as yesterday proved, the didn't want to. I've written our president off. I will talk to the average American, who in the end has a heart of gold and American values of fairness, tolerance and acceptance. To them I direct my words.

Of course, in the end, what matters is that kids like Emma, Parker, Lele and NaNa had a fun day. Susan Mathis, mother of Lele, 10 and NaNa, 8, said
I look forward to the day when reporters won't have to cover a group of families who just want to bring their kids to the White House so they can roll some Easter eggs.

An aside...while I'm on the subject of gay parents, I want to highlight this from Steve at Adamant Sun:
When a constitutional amendment passes (regarding SSM), there are thousands of children who find themselves without health insurance. When domestic partner benefits get outlawed or overturned, there are children who find their legal connection to one parent severed completely.
These kids deserve so much better from their fellow Americans.


  1. I've been loving reading about all the people who were there. There's been some coverage on the news, but I haven't seen a whole lot, I've seen a lot more on the blogs and I'm so glad this happened.

    I blog for therapy, for my own personal diary/gain, but also for the same reason people went to the egg roll, not to make a political statement as much as to just be visible. We are here, we are Americans and we are families.

  2. Trey's piece was beautifully written. And he's right, damn it, he's right, he's so perfectly right!

    Thank you for this.