Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Somebody is shooting at random from a building near where I'm working. At last count there were 14 cop cars and the entire SWAT team outside (this is the view outside the window that is directly at my back). I guess if you want to commit a crime in another part of Denver, this would be the time.

Actually, we're just hoping it's not someone who's gone postal from the advertising agency...

[UPDATE: so now they're saying it's a suicidal guy with a gun in an apartment (just around our corner)...they're going in to attempt to negotiate with him...if you're the praying kind, please pray for this person.]

[UPDATE #2 4:31 pm: Apparently the suicidal guy wasn't even in the building. Turns out he was in Boulder. They broke down his door and the SWAT team is packing up and leaving...but there might be a suicidal guy still running around Boulder. Nothing to see here...nothing to see....move right along, please.]


  1. HO-LEE shit! Are you okay now? Is the craziness over?

    What a scary way to spend an afternoon! *hug*

  2. Crazy. Makes me glad to live in Kenya where most people do not have guns.

  3. Ohymygoodness... obviously suicide isn't funny, but I had to chuckle that perhaps the worst injury might end up being a broken door and bruised egos.

  4. Yeah, actually, I don't know whatever happened with this.

    I guess the guy was never there, so there was never any sniper activity (amazing how stories just kind of grow on their own when people don't know what's going on).

    It was stressful, especially for me because I had a friend die at the hands of a SWAT team (long story). Actually, as stupid as this may sound, the most stressful part was all the activity with everyone crowding behind me looking out the window, because I was on some crazy deadlines and needed to concentrate!

    Anyway, it's over without incident, I think, and I hope the guy is getting some help.