Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pot meet kettle

So the other day I was driving behind someone that had an enormous crucifix hanging off their rear-view mirror. I was contemplating what would make someone hang such a symbol like that. Do they really need the 10 inch reminder of Jesus' suffering in their face every time they are behind the wheel? Is it because they don't remember the crucifixion without seeing it every day?

As I was pondering this, some brightly colored thing caught my eye.

Why, lo and behold, it was a rainbow lei that I'd tossed over my rear-view mirror the other day after meeting up with the PFLAG/Soulforce gang.


Yeah, cuz I guess I need a constant in-my-face reminder that I'm a gay...Hawaiian?

So yeah. Pot, meet kettle (or as I used to say when I was last year...that's the cat calling the kettle black!)

I wonder how many other times I judge others for something either a. totally harmless or b. something that I also do/have/say/think....probably more than I'd want to know, I'd imagine.

I need to remember the other line I used to say (with dramatic flair) when I was a kid: "To own his each!"


  1. If only the logs in our eyes could all be pretty rainbow lei's instead.

  2. heh. yeah... like the time a few years ago when I was on a chairlift at a ski resort, trying to impress my cool snowboarding friends. I was making fun of all the skiers dressed in one-piece neon suits, laughing about how they need to "get out of the 80's, man"

    Then we got off the chairlift and I heard some snickering behind my back. At moi? impossible, I'm thinking.

    Then I look down and realize I'm wearing my highschool soccer team sweatshirt. That said "1988 State Champs" in HUGE font on the back.

  3. For me it was tattoos. I couldn’t understand why some people would do something permanently like that to their body and then one day I went "Duh!" I want to have GRS.

  4. *hug* That was absolutely terrific. It's cool because you *did* get it.

    Sometimes I can call myself on my bullshit, too, and sometimes other people (usually L'Ailee) have to do it for me.

  5. of course I am such a judgmental snob I refuse to display any rainbow stuff. I like solids but then we are not just one flavor in our funky rainbow fruitbowl.

    I have to say Christine, your rainbow display looks cool (but would probably get me into an accident).

  6. I'm invading your blog! I'm typing stuff and everything! And it's not even related to the blog entry here! I'm going bananas! Look at all these exclamation points!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing you again, lady. :-)