Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The search is over

For my blog fans in the Islamic Republic of Iran...finally, what you've been searching for. Without further ado, here's your Toscano Sex Picture!


  1. Oooh. Not a picture you want to see at 1:30AM. Ick!

    Funny, though.

    It's weird how certain search words lead people to our blogs. I've a post on the new Sonics restaurant in Ephrata, PA. I've gotten at least 3-5 hits a day from people searching for info on it. They look for hamburgers, they find homosexuality. Go figure. LOL

  2. Yes, I know it is disgusting, but now you know, I like to drink almond milk.


  3. Sorry, Peterson, but that hairstyle just does not become you. ;)

  4. Gosh I know. I'm almost compelled to blog...anything....just so this isn't the first thing people will see on my blog! Ack. I hope my Iranian friend is happy with this...